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As it was in Automek’s interest to see that the product was developed successfully, it deputed its engineers to work with Agile engineers for the development. The teams worked together to set up the manufacturing line to produce the product as per Automek’s requirements. The product was successfully launched and Agile continued to supply with zero defects or delivery defaults. Based on the track record, Automek increased its sourcing from Agile by giving it more business. To ensure success, Automek continued to support the development at Agile by deputing its engineers to offer support in setting up Agile’s manufacturing lines. Due to Agile’s attractive pricing, more and more Automek plants in different countries started buying these parts from Agile. It eventually became a preferred supplier of Automek for electrical parts, was often quoted as an example of a low-cost high-quality sourcing model by the Automek global procurement organization and was showcased as an example of India’s manufacturing capabilities by Automek’s India-based procurement team.

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Automek buyers were planning to source an actuator assembly from Agile. The supplies were to start in 2008, with the projected requirements being 50,000 units for the first year and increasing to 100,000 and 220,000 units in 2009 and 2010, respectively.
Development of Actuator Assembly at Agile

Automek’s Sourcing Decision Tom Smith, Supplier