CIS 210 - Access Control System

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Building an Access Control System
As a member of the Information Security team at a small college, you have been made the project manager to install an access control system (ACS) in a dormitory. The ACS will automatically unlock the dormitory doors via an electronic proximity reader and integrate with an existing security camera system. The cameras are designed to face and rotate to record a person as they use their identification card to unlock the door.
Create a 3-4 page project plan for this project in which you:
Include a one-half page project scope statement.
Define five (5) major tasks, each with one to two (1-2) subtasks. Also write a brief description for each task.
Create a Gantt chart illustrating the
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The card reader and the cards shall be brought after being programmed by the manufacturer. The cards would contain information on the students residing in the dormitory and any other person with access rights to the dormitory. The various system devices will be bought as programmed by their hardware manufacturer. The devices settings would be changed to suit the dormitory preferences by our team. System programming and setting the various devices would be carried out in two days.
On the first day of installation, power cables are to be assembled. They should provide the various levels of voltage as required by the different devices installed. Installation of the power cables would be carried out by an electrical technician. The installation of the door locks would be carried out simultaneously. The request to access the device from the inside would also be put into place. This activity will be completed in a day by our staff. The field panels, conduit, race, the card reader and other related items would be installed within a day. These items would then be connected to the others to determine their functionality.
Test and Debug
The whole system would be tested for deficiencies. On completion of installation the manager and the students residing in the dormitory would be required to test the system functioning. In case of any


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