Personality: Carl Jung and Myra

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1. Which personality type does Myra display, according to Freudian theory? Provide evidence for your answer. What caused it? Myra must have experienced neurotic anxiety in the presence of her husband’s “authority” as she previously must have experienced unconscious feelings of destruction against her parents because of fear of punishment, so she exaggerates her cleanings and frequently portrays herself as a martyr who does so much for others and asks so little for herself, when in reality she usually over sees the cleaning and tells others what to do, and her husband or children help her. This same neurotic anxiety makes her aggressive towards her neighbor as once grass went flying into her garden from her neighbor’s while mowing; and …show more content…

Also it has been settled in her superego what she should and should not do because of her experiences with reward and punishment she must have received from her parents during her childhood. Thus she can be dominated by the superego, which results in her “guilt-ridden or inferior-feeling person;”

4. How could Bandura’s Social Cognitive Theory explain Myra’s traditionally feminine cleaning behavior?
According to Albert Bandura’s Social Cognitive Theory, the way we react to expected events is usually more powerful than the event itself. Myra’s traditionally feminine cleaning behavior can be explained on the basis of her observing her mother cleaning and perhaps financially managing the house as well as having the same belief that her mother had as housework is the main responsibility of a woman. Myra’s behavior is also reinforced by the compliments she receives from her neighbors and friends who overtly express their admirations of her clean house, tidy yard and beautiful garden. This accords with Bandura’s idea that reinforcement can be vicarious whether it is direct or indirect. According to Bandura’s triadic reciprocal model that includes behavioral, environmental, and personal factors, Myra has the capacity to regulate her life; and her behavioral cleanliness has turned into