Zoecon Corp Case Study

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Case Study: Zoecon Corporation

Zoecon Corp. Mission Statement:

Our corporation founded in 1968 is specialized in insecticide and pest control sales as well as animal protection from parasites. We cover mainly three markets : individuals and households , veterinary clinics and animal owners as well as pest control companies.
We operate geographically all over the united states. Our consumer products can be found in supermarkets, drugstores and veterinary clinics.
We offer a wide range of products . Besides protecting you from insects and parasites with our insecticides, we also specialize in insect growth regulators, which prevent insects from reproducing again. Insect growth regulators are totally harmless for humans and
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Expanding in the consumer market, selling it to PCOs , or selling it to the makers of d-con, Black Flag, and Raid . Each alternative must be studied attentively in order to make the good decision.
Zoecon’s threats may be the concern for the environment which may reduce its sales of insecticide, but in the meantime this can be an opportunity to develop the Insect growth regulatory market .

4 P’s Analysis
Strike Roach ender is a newly developed product that contains Hydroprene, which prevents normal cockroach maturation. It has an environmental protection agency registration. Zoecon is the inventor and product pioneer.
It contains both Hydroprene and an adulticide .
It is packaged in a 10-ounce aerosol spray and a 6-ounce fogger.
Strike Roach Ender has a well defined purpose: to kill cockroaches and to prevent further roach generations of developing and reproducing. The concept of this product is effective, because many buildings really need to not only kill the cockroaches, but end with this problem once and for all.
The product is currently in the introduction stage , but many executives hope that it’s growth is going to be successful.
It has not many features, other the basic features that the customer expects from buying it. It may be considered somewhere between a convenience product and an unsought product.
The name: Roach Ender, is easy to pronounce and remember, and gives the benefit of the product