Tata Motors

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Tata Motors

1. Describe the economic characteristics of the global motor vehicle industry.

The characteristics of the global motor vehicle industry are a boom in certain places and a bust in others all due to economic conditions in different nations. Four years after tow of Detroit Michigan’s big three went into bankruptcy American car makers are going “full throttle” with sales in August hitting an annual rate that if substantiated can take them back over 16 million and that is a rate that was last hit before the economic crisis and 80% higher than 2009 when GM and Chrysler went into bankruptcy. The opposite is happening in Europe being in its sixth year slump now and with a weak economy, high petroleum prices and an aging
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Localization also played an important role in capturing market share. All of these factors show the changing dynamics of the global automotive industry.

3. What are Tata Motors' internal strengths and weaknesses? Identify competencies that the company's major competitors are lacking. What market opportunities does the company have and what threats can you identify that may have negatively impact the company's future?

One of Tatas strengths is that the strategy to keep local managers in new acquisitions seems to be a key for Tata. That along with only transporting a couple of senior managers from India into new markets seems to work for them. This allows them to trade expertise such as learning a work discipline and getting the product right the first time as it is stated from them that they learned after the Daewoo acquisition. The ownership of Jaguar and Land Rover is in my oppion there greatest strength due to that these brands have been giving Tata there only success and profitability in the global market while they are losing market share in their home market. Tata also has the strengths of being the number 1 manufacturer in India, 3rd largest bus manufacture by volume, 3rd largest passenger vehicle manufacturer in India, and 4th in manufacturing trucks by volume in the world. Tata also has a very high employee


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