Assignement #3: Teamwork and Motivation

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Assignement #3: Teamwork and Motivation

JACK PENDERGAST Prof. Dr. Bob Nolley
BUS 520
Feb.24, 2014

Motivation is the interior and exterior elements that arouse aspiration and drive in an individual to remain constantly involved as well as dedicated to a job, role or subject, or to create a determination to achieve an objective (Business Dictionary, 2013). The focal key concern of a business ought to be its people. They remain the individuals who support the operation and the idea of the business along with keeping the organization running. This research paper will offer a proposal of a business motivation plan, pinpoint dual approaches that motivate workers and recommend three means to
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Not a lot of businesses offer health insurance benefit to part-time employees; as a result by offering them the simple healthcare plan can generate inspiration for workers to work hard to get endorse to full-time employees so they can relish other reimbursements the company has to offer.
All three needs in the ERG theory are satisfied in these three methods. ERG theory states that people are motivated by three hierarchically ordered types of needs: existence need, relatedness need, and growth needs (Hitt, Miller & Colella, 2006).
By proposing employees with the simplistic health insurance plan, the company will help the employees satisfy an existence need. Letting the participation in decision making will help the employee feel satisfied in their relatedness need. And promotion will give then the satisfied in growth needs.
Analyze the relevance of the individual worker in today’s organizational context
Every single employee is actual essential in today structural context. Nowadays organizational context, the goods can simply be duplicated, but the gifted workers are a lot tougher to duplicate. When dual businesses are marketing the same line of goods, the only competitive advantages are their employees. For instance, the sale team from one of the business can out sell another business because they