Bus 475 Week 2 Individual

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Body Fitness Body Fitness is a new state of the art fitness facility coming to the valley that will offer the finest workout equipment, intense one-on-one personal training, proper supplemental nutrition plans, and strategic planning for a patient’s course of action to get in shape. Each fitness facility will offer the essential wide range of work out equipment and will be staffed to accommodate clients from high school age to retirement. Clients will consist of the average high school student struggling with weight, the college football player looking for supplemental professional and nutritional training, or the mother of four trying to lean up her body so she feels comfortable after enduring the impact four children may bring …show more content…

Body Fitness plans to strategically place three locations throughout the valley over the next two years, and once profitable, we will expand valley wide to upwards to 10 facilities. Our intention is to place these facilities near other larger fitness facilities such as 24Hour Fitness, Lifetime, and LA Fitness. Our vision is that clients will ultimately see the results from their personalized training, and our word of mouth campaign will take care of itself. Furthermore, using a strategic plan to engage with clients near and around other fitness facilities and offering a competitive advantage to indulge in our facilities will ultimately lead to the intended growth of Body Fitness. Body Fitness Guiding Principles Body Fitness extends its guiding principles to employees, customers, society, government, local communities and competitors. Guiding principles are principles or precepts that guide a business throughout its life in all circumstances, irrespective of strategies, changes, goals, type of work, or top management (“Business Dictionary”, 2012). Body Fitness will offer state of the art fitness facilities for employees to engage in their professional work habits. Each employee will be granted free use of the facility during non-work hours. Each employee is granted economic, social, and psychological satisfaction in the workplace. Adequate work conditions including safety will be key to the success of our employees and our


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