Death and Herculaneum

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Module Six: Text Questions

Review Questions

What is liver mortis? How might this reveal information about the time of death?
Liver mortis is the settling of blood in the lowest parts of the body. Liver mitosis happens about 8 to 12 hours after death.
What three aspects does a forensic autopsy seek information about? Describe each of these aspects.
The purpose of a forensic autopsy is to find out the time of death, the mechanism of death, and the manner of death. The time of death is what led to the death, the mechanism of death refers to anything used to kill the person, and the manner of death is either homicide or suicide.
How can digestion rates give information to forensic scientists about the time of death?
Digestive rate
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How do you think the archeological investigation of Herculaneum relates to forensic anthropology? In what ways are similar techniques and processes used in both of these situations?
Archeologists concentrates on the physical evidence, while an anthropologist interprets the evidence found. Both anthropologists and archeologists both have to find life there by digging or mining.
5. What is surprising about the ruins in Herculaneum? How is this different than Pompeii?
In the ruins of Herculaneum there were not a lot of civilians while in Pompeii there were hundreds of inhabitants.
6. How do archeologists know that other people have been to the ruins in Herculaneum before them? What were the people searching for? What dangers did they face?
Archeologists look at the tunnels that were dug and the art on the walls of the buildings.
7. How did the bodies in Herculaneum differ from those in Pompeii?
The bodies in Herculaneum were found by the sea as if they were trying to escape while the bodies in Pompeii were found in the city.
8. Do you think it would be interesting to work on a site like Herculaneum to discover what happened? Why or why not? How would this work differ from a traditional crime scene?
Yes I do think it would be very interesting working on a site like Herculaneum. In the Herculaneum site I would be able to experience the structure and culture of the city. The difference between the site of Herculaneum and the traditional crime scene would be the feel


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