Global Market

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Global Market
The Callaway Golf might have pros and cons if they prefer either to use of a global marketing or multi-domestic marketing. The Callaway Golf can have a big market in worldwide which may increase the amount of its revenue. Moreover, the products of Callaway can be known by people around the world, especially who interested in golf. By using the global marketing approach to marketing for Callaway, the company may have no problem in producing and distributing its products to other countries because of the same products inside and outside the United States. The only thing that the company needs to focus on is the quality control of the products. However, the Callaway Golf might face a problem if its products unable to compete to
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Moreover, these days, there are many competitors that have a strong market in foreign country by using adjustable product, promotion and price. Callaway’s products have to adjust to foreign markets, so the customers can be satisfied to its products. For instance, Kerin, Hartley, and Rudelius said, “Savvy golf equipment manufacturers have developed clubs specifically for the Japanese market with different head shapes, eight, lie angle, and shafts adjusted for the average Japanese golfer’s height”. This showed how the products have to adjust to the foreign golfers with have different height golfers compare to the United States golfers. It is also very important to know the size of the item, for instance, in Seoul department store, it has plethora of size large item, unlike U.S stores where small size dominate among unsold merchandise. After the company have adjusted the size of its products, it will be easier for them to compete in the international market. Callaway has to learn more about the promotion for the foreign markets which differ to U.S. markets. In fact, in South Korean, the consumers aspire to look and dress like celebrities that can make Callaway easier to predict the Korean consumers’ wants no matter how much they would spend. Furthermore, it would help Callaway to promote its products by using celebrities in their advertising.



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