The legal and insurance implications of staging a concert.

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Name: Steven Jackson Email: Advanced Diploma in Event management

Assessment no.4

The legal and insurance implications of staging a concert.

Before staging a concert in a locality, there are some areas that need to be considered like:

• Organizational structure and legal status • Event Ownership • Contracts and agreements • Licences and permission • Insurance

Organizational Structures

There are five types of
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The purpose of sanctioning an event is to ensure that it is delivered to a standard agreed with the governing body. In return for sanctioning the event is usually required to provide financial return to the sanctioning body i.e. either a lump sum and/ or capitation fee.

Capitation fee is an uniform amount of money charged per person.

Sanction provides the legal authority to run/host an event. It may also provide additional benefits to the event organiser such as access to:

• Public liability insurance cover • Use of internationally recognised logos • Marketing support i.e. inclusion of your event in calendars • Qualified officials and volunteers • Sport Specific expertise


If you are commissioning any creative work as part of the event, for example a


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