Mkt 113: Final Project Part I Milestone Two

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MKT 113: Final Project Part I Milestone Two
Mother Natures' All-Organic Pet Food
Brett M. Chrestman
Southern New Hampshire University

The company is opening an independent pet store and they want to market an all-natural pet food called, "Mother Natures' All-Organic Pet Food". They want to make sure they market the product to the best of their ability to maximize profits and deliver customers a product they can justify the expensive price. It delivers what they promise unlike a majority of the competitors. Most of them offer a semi-organic pet food, but even those contain harmful impurities in them. The food comes from ALL-NATURAL organic food that Mother Nature put here for us to utilize to the best of our ability, which
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The company will employ the following two market strategies in promoting its brand: (1) the use of Social Media; and (2) partnering with big brand allies to display information and samples of the product. The reason that these two marketing strategies are well suited to Mother Nature’s All-Organic Pet Food is because of the following reasons: (a) little economic backing is necessary to launch these two strategies; and (b) a new physical location or venue is not required.
Through the use of social media, a Facebook and/or Instagram account can be created for the company free of cost. Through the use of photographs and daily blogs, the life of the company and its customer satisfaction will be logged for anyone to follow. Customers of the product will be asked to submit photos of their pets for weekly contests, in which free samples of the product are distributed as the winnings.
Aside from the fees associated with designing and printing brochures and packaging small sample sized portions of the product, the second aforementioned strategy also would require few costs. Through the use of large and already established brands and companies, the placement of Mother Nature’s All-Organic Pet Food product within said establishments would allow the company to easily disburse information and product samples to an already pet-minded audience.
At the product’s inception, it would be best to avoid in-store promotions