Assisted Suicide Research Paper

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Have you ever heard a grown man cry; a cry so loud that you can hear and feel the pain within his voice? No, well it happens daily, here in the United States. There are thousands of people that are going through so much suffering that pain killers are like putting a band aid of a bullet wound. As hours pass the wound is getting bigger and the band aids are helping less and less. Most of these people just want a release, but even professionals cannot grant that request. Physician Assisted Suicide (PAS) is a controversial topic which is debated on through out the world. (PAS) is a process where a doctor or nurse gives a lethal injection of medicine to a patient in need. But since this procedure is illegal, doctors are not allowed to …show more content…

Therefore the benefit of euthanasia is to avoid the realization of the negative cash flows (Chan and Lien). The older a person gets the easier it is to get seriously injured, so elderly people are more of a risk, and less of an award when they have to undergo medical procedures that might or might not save their lives. These trends will be cause for concern. Those elderly and infirm, who must rely on family and friends for care, feel particularly guilty about placing an extra financial burden on their loved ones (Odone). The elderly, as a group, have lower income and are more likely to suffer medical conditions that require a large sum of money to cure or manage (Chan and Lien). This fact alone displays the benefits of having Physician Assisted Suicide as an option that is available at all times. So if someone over the age of sixty gets hurt or injured within your family, most of those expenses are coming out of your pocket. Most of this care is still provided by relatives and friends, while state financed care is available only for those with low incomes. As a result, many pensioners are forced into selling their houses if they move into a nursing home, where the average cost is higher than what a majority of the people with medical problems have the ability to make. Some 2.5 million elderly live below the poverty line (Odone). Denote Vt as the benefit of euthanasia at


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