Australian Visions

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Australian Visions
Strictly ballroom by Baz Luhrman is a specular film that conveys many Australian Visions from beginning to end. It is a story of an individual, who wants to do his own steps, failing his partner. Fran an ugly duckling of a beginner class offers Scott partnership. Fran persistence and ideas convince Scott to dance their own steps on the Pan-Pacific championship displaying multiculturalism and breaking competitions under conformity. The composer has used many techniques like camera movements, costume, dialogues, symbolism etc. to create distinct Australian visions.
Strictly Ballroom starts with the Australian vision of competitiveness. The first world we enter is the competitive world of ballroom dancing, which is
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Doug believes that individual has a right to be free to show their own ideas and steps. As he says, I don’t like competition”. He mainly supported Scott at the last scene by clapping to encourage Scott to show his creativity and succeed by ruining establishment. Fran is also an individual who wants to dance with Scott at the pan-pacific; it can be seen by her dialogue “I want to dance with you, your way at the pan-pacific”. Fran and Scott succeed in their dreams in final scene with the help of Doug and Fran’s family support, expressing a great expect of multiculturalism in the film.
Multiculturalism is the world behind the milk bar, where Scott explores a different world of Spanish culture, where people value Scott’s freedom and innovation (creativity). It is sown by the Spanish language and different clothes. It shows Scott passion and value to dance a true paso doble. This is shown by close-ups of Rico’s feet’s and fast turns the music and happy and joyful environment within them. Fran’s grandmother teaches Scott to follow rhythm and awakes his inner passion. Juxtaposition is created between these two worlds Toledo Milk Bar and Kendall studio. As Toledo milk bar is shown more real with natural lighting and exterior location, which represents freedom and realism. Its characters are creative and passionate in contrast to the Kendall’s studio artificial and fake


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