Asia Pacific Essay

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Japan supplied the capital and the technology to newly industrializing countries. Japan's high-tech manufacturing firms, particularly in machinery industry, adapted the advanced technology to develop the industrial production. The old technology directly transferred to developing Asian countries through foreign investment. This method led them to be superior to others all time. (Walter Hatch)

The Government of Korea was in a compulsive position in their relation with the private sector conversely, the Taiwan Government has been very supportive.

The government played an important role in Taiwan's rapid industrialization. During the industrialization, the state reacted intrusive, also contributed to the development of specific sectors. Industry generally based on SME's in Taiwan. The government support SME's to learn, adapt and develop new technologies. When it is necessary, they created a joint venture in areas such as semi-conductors. In 1974, Industrial Technology Research Institute was founded and in 1980, Hsinchu Science -Based Industrial Park is established to improve industrial technology. The high-tech companies in the science park are dealing with the areas such as Personal computers and hardware, semi-conductors and integrated circuits, communications, photo-electric products, precision


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