Yakuza and the Japanese Society

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Yakuza and Japanese society
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1. Introduction
Introduction of the main question:
What are the possible consequences of the implementation of the law?

2. Pros of having Yakuza
What have they done in the past for society?
What do they do for society today?
How does the Japanese society see the Yakuza?
The Yakuza code of honor.

3. Cons of having Yakuza * Why are the Yakuza a problem? Who are troubled with
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Yakuza who follow Ninkyodo are expected to put their own lives on the line and sacrifice themselves to help the weak and the troubled. This is in theory, in reality things don’t always go as planned. Yakuza have been involved with many crimes and since the 1960s many innocents have been involved in their violent acts.

The traditional way the Yakuza do business is by extorting shopkeepers, running prostitution rings and gambling. They also focus on entertainment. Many famous people have been shown to have ties to Yakuza, and especially in Sumo. In recent years a large network of match fixing and gambling has been uncovered in the Sumo world. Now the Yakuza are being barred from matches and steps are being taken to keep them out entirely.

The new law does have its dark side for the members who stop being Yakuza. Simply by being affiliated with a gang, ex-members can’t legally rent an apartment of open a bank account. Many are forced into a semi-homeless state. Because of the new law puts the onus on businesses to refrain from dealing with gangs, concerns have arisen that police may exploit the ambiguities in the law and wield excessive power. The pizza delivery industry is also feeling the negative effects of this law, delivering to an address which might turn out to be owned by Yakuza might get them in trouble, and temple owners who run funerals are also worried that their business might suffer, due to the fact that