Apple in 2013: How to Sustain a Competitive Advantage

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Brendan Wiley
MKT 6301

Apple Case Study
Apple reached the highest publically traded stock in Sept 2012 at $650B making Apple the most valuable publically traded company of all time. Apple did this by having differentiated products, brand loyalty, and seamless integrated devices. It is April 2013 and Apples total value has gone down to $370B. This is mainly due to constant pressures from competitors such as Samsung and others. Apple is challenged with responding correctly to competition with the right product to market, as well as how they are going to compete in new emerging markets. Apple is also challenged with coming up with not only short term solutions but creating new long term solutions to bring back the
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It would definitely boost the economy in these countries as well. On a negative note, R&D and manufacturing would be almost tripled. Also, there is a risk of diluting the Apple brand by going into new product markets as well with creating cheaper products. Marketing expenditures would be enormous.
Quantitative Analysis I believe option #1 to be the best solution. Apple was worth its highest at $650B in Sept 2012. Apple has fallen all the way to $370B as of April 2013. I believe this to be because of huge increase in competitive products from Samsung and other companies. Apple no longer has the most popular product and they are losing ground fast. When you look at Apples total net sales by product in 2012, 80M of the total 156M was from the iPhones. This shows you that iPhones are over 50% of the Apple business and is extremely important they are successful in this category. To coorelate with all this data, the Iphone 5 was released in sept of 2012 when Apple was at its peak stock price. The stock price slowly came down since the release and this is because the Iphone 5 was not nearly as competitive technologically as the Samsung 3 and 4. It is due to this information that Apple needs to beat Samsung with the best tech phone and create something that has never been out before. They need to


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