Reflection on Hunger

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Food is one of the basic needs of a human being to survive. All of us depend on food for having a good health, therefore with the lack of food many people will be starving and malnourished. There are many reasons that may contribute to the cause of world hunger. Historically, the society will continue to change as long as there are people in the world. For what I know, the world had vastly changed from 60 years ago up to now. Whenever I’m with my grandmother, she always told me stories on how accessible and cheap it is to have food in the Philippines during her teenage life. They used to have a small pond where there are tilapia and various crops, vegetables and fruits in their backyard. This scenery was common in each household even …show more content…
Once the soil is in drought, it will be too difficult for the farmers to grow any crops from the land. On the other hand, flood is the occurrence of too much water present in the land due to improper drainage and waste disposal which may result to sunken crops. Plants cannot survive if there is an excessive amount of water. These two natural phenomenon’s have a great impact in food production that may cause problems regarding the supply of food in the world. Secondly, the increase of food demands is a result of the escalating population of the world. More people means production of food. There will be a massive increase of another 3 billion in the current 7 billion world population in the next ninety years (United Nations, 2011, para.1). Therefore, an increase in the world population will result in an increase in the number of food consumers. However, due to insufficient land to plant crops, the supply of food may not be adequate to sustain the needs of the humanity when it comes to food. The rate of growth of the population might be slowly reducing, but the amount of food is still not enough to the number of consumers (Powledge, 2010, p.260). Moreover, to be able to sustain the stomach of each person, the food production must be adequate to number of food consumer. Lastly, urbanisation also attribute with the problem of world hunger. Due to the advancement of technology in the urban area, more individuals


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