Comparative Analysis of 2 Newspaper Articles About Lance Armstrong Stepping Down as Ceo of Livestrong

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A comparative analysis of 2 newspaper articles from different publications, both reporting the same issue.

This paper compares 2 newspaper articles from different publications, both centered on the same issue. After a brief background of the publications and the journalists, this paper will provide an initial analysis of the coverage. The articles will then be further analyzed based on the following criteria: * Intended audience * Objectivity * Accuracy & documentation
The articles that will be compared are Armstrong resigns as Livestrong chairman by Andrea Ball and Suzanne Halliburton, published on Oct. 17, 2012 in the Austin American-Statesman daily newspaper and Lance Armstrong steps down as chairman of
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Compared to the preceding article, Moore’s account of the issue is very scandal-heavy. Where Ball and Halliburton emphasize what positive aspects they could find, Moore focuses on the USADA and their allegations, with an overall feel of failure and disappointment.
Contrary to Ball and Halliburton’s article, which focuses primarily on Armstrong resigning and the foundation itself, only 6 sentences of Moore’s 2-page article mention the foundation or cancer-awareness. Of those 6 sentences, only one contains any positivity, “Nike said that it would continue to support the Livestrong Charity,” however, this was immediately followed by a direct quote from Nike stating that it does not condone the use of performance enhancing drugs.

Intended audience As previously stated, the Austin American-Statesman is a newspaper published in Armstrong’s hometown. The readership for the Statesman is citizens of Austin and central Texas. Armstrong has been the hometown hero of Austin since his first major cycling wins, dating back to 1993 when he became the cycling World Champion. Taking this into account, the intended audience for Ball and Halliburton was a city and a state that has idolized Armstrong for years. Ball and Halliburton’s article is very Armstrong and Livestrong focused, most likely because Halliburton writes predominantly about sports and Armstrong


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