Million Dollar Baby Film Essay

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In the film 'Million Dollar Baby',directed by Clint Eastwood is mainly based around the theme of how the important characters as vehicles to convey the theme familial love and support. This is shown when the theme is set up through Maggie and Frankie having broken relationship with their families, but it was resolved when they came together.
Having familial love and support is important to an individual’s wellbeing. Without love, humans become isolated and unsatisfied. Therefore, by coming together, they express a similar familial love although they are not biologically related and experiences this fulfillment in life. The characters from the film demonstrated the beauty of this relationship.
Eastwood successfully conveyed the idea through
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Maggie said: “ You're gonna leave me again?” ,Frankie replied, “ Never” and when Maggie expressed “ I've got nobody but you, Frankie.” Frankie answered with a definite answer of “Then you've got

me.” Eastwood used both dialogues to express the same idea of that strong bond between
Frankie and Maggie that has developed throughout the film. Frankie is the only one who helped and supported Maggie through her victory as he saw her as his own and wanted to make her the best by training her harshly which can be seen as another type of love.
Maggie sees boxing as one important part of her life and does not want to give up. Finally won by her determination, Frankie accepts Maggie by making an agreement between them. Frankie then slowly shapes her into a viable fighter. The other technique used to show her success was lighting. The lighting used at the beginning of the film was dim and dark indicating the dark sides of Maggie’s life. When she succeeded, it changed into a very bright background. The brand, Everlast, on the speed bag was used subtly to show
Maggie’s determination. She used this support to work hard to change her life and be successful for once in her life. It all paid off when she was standing inside of the boxing ring. Without Frankie’s support, she might have never dreamed of that day.
The theme of familial love and support plays a significant role in the film “Million Dollar
Baby”. It is


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