Alibaba Business Model

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Alibaba e-commerce mode of study Abstract: "Alibaba" has experienced eight years of comprehensive development the establishment of a unique business model, and a new interpretation of e-commerce, launched a new Internet business model - Alibaba model. This new network business model not only for manufacturers to reduce production and marketing costs, but also to "Alibaba" cleverly avoided because of distribution, logistics and inventory, such as forming a bottleneck for the continued development of e-commerce industry opens up New roads.Alibaba in just a few years to create the myth that Alibaba model for a time and a lot of competitors to imitate the focus of attention. But Alibaba create a model is only a beginning, the Chinese …show more content…
These leading characters, explore their resumes to
Found that they have a wealth of practical experience, has gradually grown from zero career success of their growth, the maximum quantity body
Is the implementation of the charm and indispensable.

Strategic direction is clear, the implementation of actions towards the direction of interpretation. For many friends, the parties may prefer to talk
Direction and strategy, often overlooked and complicated implementation over time. On a team, the tireless performer is not necessarily an effective complementary
Or the lack of scarce resources. Only the rich resources in this area and to join, be possible to show the strength of the team. Otherwise, whether or four monk
Four Monkey King, the ultimate collapse of this team are very normal thing.

Alibaba looked stunning the implementation details, whether every employee of a customer, whether products and services or staff
Worker training programs, are known down to the executable can be seen the point of evaluation feedback can be, with the vice president as saying Kim Hang built, some rules and regulations
Implementation of assessment criteria, did we all feel is not worth spending the time or costs, but the cost of all the important front in the implementation of all changes
Was pale, but must yield.

Ali Baba told us: There is no business of their own culture do


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