Comparison Between City Life and Country Life

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Essay question: city life and country life Final draft
Everyone has a different lifestyle. People sometimes have to decide where they want to live. Some people prefer to live in the city while other people choose to live in the countryside. Their choice depends upon their bachground. City lifestyle and country lifestyle are two different types of living. Although, these two types of living differ from each other by environment, job opportunities and cost of living; they also have similar features such as daily routine, values and people live and work in these areas.
The most notable difference between life in a countryside and life in a city is environment. There are less pollution, fewer cars and factories in the countryside. The
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These can include nationalist values, such as pride for motherland, or other human priorities, like love for their family. Both types of people would be willing to help a friend in trouble. People from both areas have a certain routine. No matter where a person lives, he generally participates in a specific routine that revolves around his work life. Many city residents get up early in the morning to get to work at the same time every day and return late in the afternoon or early evening. Many people practicing the country life also have specific work habits. Dairy farmers, for example, must get up early every single morning to milk cows and tend to work until the same time every evening. In the same way, an office worker in the city may be obligated to show up at 9 am every weekday morning and work until 5 pm to fulfill his contract. Also people from a city and people from a country have same opportunities to get education, because government provides same rights. The residents of both villages and cities enjoy equal rights, pay their taxes, try to provide and protect their families . The family system remains the same in both cases to some extent. Fathers are heads of the family and he is entitled as the bread-winner while the mother takes care of the home.
To summarize, it is clear that life in the cities differ from life in the rural areas by surrounding conditions, opportunities to earn money and cost of


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