Lung Compliance and It's Diseases

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Pathophysiology essay
Lung compliance and its disorders

Philippe Wöllenstein
Study group 3052; Topic No.62

The essay comprises an introduction explaining the term pulmonary compliance. The next section includes a definition and characteristics of the group of diseases-restrictive pulmonary disorders. Further on a short summary of restrictive lung diseases and especially their cause follows trying to contribute a better knowledge of the topic to the reader. In the end the reader can find a short conclusion.

Table of contents General information about lung compliance
Restrictive pulmonary diseases
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On the other hand the extrinsic restrictive disorders are based on the dysfunction of one of the 3 factors-chest wall, pleura, respiratory muscles. Their malfunction leads to lung restriction, impaired ventilatory function and respiratory failure. Diseases of lung compliance cause the lungs to become stiff, resulting in lack of expansion and increase in inability to proper ventilate.
The decrease in alveolar ventilation leads to hypercapnia and accumulation of metabolic byproducts in the air sacs. With gradual progression of the disease the elasticity of the lungs becomes weaker which conducts itself in hypoventilation, hypoxia and ineffective cough (not able to clear the secretions).

Broadly spoken the restrictive lung disorders lead to:
1) Loss of lung tissue due to exposure to toxins, environmental agents;
2) Decrease of lung’s ability to expand due to physical barriers affecting the capacity of the lung negatively and finally leading to ventilation/perfusion mismatch;
3) Decline in available gas diffusion surface area due to present fibrotic/scar tissue resulting in dyspnea of the patient trying to compensate with hyperventilation.

A. Most important intrinsic restrictive lung disorders * Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
This disease is characterized by gradual increasing interstitial pulmonary fibrosis and respiratory failure.

* Pathogenesis
The cause of the disease remains unknown. It seems


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