Racism Affects Social and Economic Life

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With growing technology and increasing population, world’s situation is changing day by day. Those changings bring both positive and negative norms for humanity. Increasing population force people to find places which are far away from their own cultural places and combined with other cultures in a small area. People usually prefer to live in cities which they can find their needs easily and have self improvement. Because of those reasons immigration occurs and people start to go places and live in a homogenius environment with people who come from many different cultures. Being in a homogenius environment brings usually racism issue. African- American people one of ethnic group who
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African- American people is a minority group and they usually go schools which are consist of dominant racial groups and this situation again creates difficulties for them and in early step of their economic life they can be feel left or alone. Their education quality affected and in addition to this their emotion’s affected. Those conditions may be resulted with lack of self improvement and need of runaway from society. Finally, failure in career or lack of reaching the level through their potential just because of discrimination and racism. So they can’t be in a happy work environment or career way as they want. School is a big part of a social life. People start to go school in early ages and spent their huge part of life while they are taking education. School is place to improve self, gain a vision and prepare a life plan. Discrimination seems to be in all parts of life. African- American people usually goes to schools like all other people go. Attitudes of young people in both schools or colleges can causes effects on African- American people. Feagen talks about kind of interview about being conscious of being black with black student who goes to college which is highly dominated with race of whites. Student says that he didn’t remember a word of “nigger” before school and


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