African American Lifestyle

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There are many races of people out here in the world that does not know a thing about their history but will know a thing or two about their background. African Americans in particular do not know anything about their background, and most of them do not care to know. Now in these modern days it is important to know where one came from, and to know their background. Knowing ones history will be a benefit to that person, and his or her family because history is a way to success. African Americans are one of the races of people in America that is confused about whom they are. They do not know their background, because African Americans think that this is life for them and that is it. They do not realize the importance of how important of a …show more content…

The Nation of Islam focused on the theory that African Americans could never improve their condition unless they came in touch with Allah (Arabic for God). Therefore, the Nation of Islam was instrumental in establishing Islamic temples for daily worship, schools, vocational training, and financial institutions. The Nation of Islam was, thereby, instrumental in helping African Americans overcome their difficult conditions. (Lumumba, Hakeem 2003)
The language that the African Americans speak today is not theirs. Africans did not speak English while they were in Africa. They spoke the African language, which they have lost today. If someone goes up to an African American and ask them what their original language is, they would not know. Some African languages that I know of that were spoken was Swahili, Hausa, and Yoruba. I think that these are some of the main major African languages that were spoken by the people now known as the African Americans. Africans are very smart and intelligent people. They know how to build just about anything. The Africans education use to be about how to build things, training the young boys when they reach a certain age how to protect themselves, how to hunt for food, how to respect not only their mother, but African women period. The women would teach their daughters how to cook, sew, clean, how to harvest food, and when it is time for harvesting, and how to


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