Grand Torino

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Grand Torino Analysis
Cultural Diversity Through Interpersonal Communication
Margaret Heinsohn
Florida International University

The aim of this paper is to study the interpersonal communication taking place in a cultured shocked neighborhood. The findings of these studies are applied to the film Grand Torino. In addition, this study will discuss the communication styles applied by the characters of the movie. I believe they are essential to understanding the reasons why in general individuals are racists, stereotypical and unable to adapt to different cultures as well as living with those who are different to us. We will first examine how Walt’s character adapts to the cultural
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As they drag him off of his porch, Walt comes out to confront them. He pulls a gun on them and resolves the conflict by using the “engagement style” of resolution which, “views intense verbal and nonverbal expression of emotion as demonstrating sincerity wand willingness to engage intensely to resolve conflict”. Walt knew that the family could never have “peace” as long as the gang terrorized their lives.
Walt’s language is filled with bitterness and harsh words, yet there is meaning and purpose in his comments. It may come off as insensitive and racist, but he doesn’t necessarily express hate against other races, just frustration because of lack of knowledge. He feels like no one understands his idea of fairness and respect. His family pushes him away and has no regard for him. On the other hand, the Hmong show him that they respect his values and feelings. Walt admires this and learns to open up to them, realizing he has more in common with his foreign neighbors than with his own family.
Walt’s communication style is the same as his friendship style. The scenes with his barber sound racist, yet these men are friends. This is how men who share the experiences of war and struggle of that sort, show their affection and understanding. The Hmong family is very much unified and they show their friendship the same as their family values. The family is equally persistent and inviting to Walt as they are with each other. They know he is gruff on the outside,


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