Advantages & Disadvantages of the Jury System

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The jury system of a trial is an essential element of the democratic process. It attempts to secure fairness in the justice system. Traditionally, the jury system has been viewed as a cornerstone of common law procedure. However, the use of the system of trial by jury is on the decline. Today, its use differs, depending on whether (a) it is a civil or criminal matter, and (b) in criminal matters, whether it is a summary or an indictable offence.

The modern jury is composed of a maximum of 12 members. Typically, in murder and treason, the jury consists of 12 members, while in other criminal trials it may be 9. In civil matters, the jury often consists of 9 members. Before this
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Whether juror (potential) qualifies as regards considerations of income tax return (10(2) (c) (1) etc.; 3. Whether juror (potential) qualifies as a bankrupt; and 4. The juror (potential) works in the required income bracket.

Every person required to serve on the panel must be served with a jury see sect. (16) (1). QUALIFICATIONS

In determining who is qualified, consider section (4) of the Jury Act:

(1) Every person shall be qualified to be a juror who:-

(a) is over the age of eighteen years and under the age of sixty years; (b) is ordinarily resident in Trinidad and Tobago; (c) was born in Trinidad and Tobago; or, not being so born, has resided in Trinidad and Tobago for two years or more; (d) is able to read and write the English language and understand the same when spoken; and (e) is either (i) seised or possessed of freehold or leasehold interest in land of the clear annual value of seven hundred and twenty dollars; or (ii) in occupation of a house which is rated or assessed to some general or local tax on an annual value of not less than six hundred dollars; or (iii) in receipt beneficially of a net annual income of not less than three thousand dollars.

(2) Notwithstanding subsection (1), a married woman shall qualify to be a juror if:-

(a) her husband is qualified to be a juror; and (b) she possesses the


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