What Makes a Just Society

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What Makes A Just Society?

Throughout history, people have been trying to create an improved, fair, and equal system of justice, not only to better society in which one lives, but to also find a sense of meaning in what responsibilities people should hold within their civilizations in order to create this just way of living. As early as the Old Testament within the Bible, we see examples of how the Hebrews formed their own justice. This can be seen in the in text of the Ten Commandments which were written in a form of law. Laws were significant even in this basic form of context, such as the Ten Commandments, which offered the ideas of right and wrongdoings and the sin for violating others for one’s own benefit. This not only
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According to John Rawls theory, the two principles of justice which would be agreed to include first each individual should have an equal right to as much liberty and second any social or economic inequalities which occur between individuals should be designed to benefit every individual. In order to ensure the values of a constitutional democracy, a constitutional consensus must be achieved through equal rights and a willingness to compromise. Using the guidance of Marx and Rawls, I believe that social organization is an essential piece to creating a better and more just society. The essential arrangement that makes up a society includes the social positions and distribution of people within the given positions. Appropriate rules and laws need to be set in place and defined within a particular society. These laws are set in order to protect individuals and to protect society as well as helping to improve the society and the lives of citizens are something that is a foundation of any just society. Law also allows people the ability to predict what will happen. However, law is not necessarily just. The key to law and order is that it provides just enough predictability for people to survive. Dictatorships usually provide order and law. After coming to believe they will survive, people then seek justice. Since much of a sense of justice comes from what people learned as


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