Strain Theory of Nathan McCall

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Strain Theory of Nathan McCall
What causes people to commit crime? This million dollar questions has place many criminologists and researchers searching for answers. In the past decades, people have tried to explain crime by referring to the earliest literature of criminal’s atavistic features to human biology. Recent studies have shows that crime is described in the social environment. While, no one theory can prove the causes of crime, strain theory has gain support in academic research for its five mode of adaptation. To understand the development of Strain Theory which was developed by Robert King Merton, we first have to examine the history context from Emile Durkheim. The beginning of Anomie Theory evolves from the famous
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People who inhibit bully characteristic do not have self control because they leave the value that the environment imposes and generate new ones. Those who have low self control is a indicator for deviant behavior because they seek pleasures, physically active, high sensitivity to others , and have limited critical thinking skills (Gottfredson & Hirschi;1990, quoted in Moon, Kwang, & McCluskey 2008:853). The second evidence that support McCall adaptation to rebellion is when he is in a middle of a violent shooting. While, McCall and his friend enjoy their days at a dance center, he begins to notice that there is going to be tension between his group and the group on the opposite side. When McCall step outside the building to grasp some fresh air, the other group draws their guns and continuously shoot at them shots after shots. McCall is a rebellion because a law abiding citizen avoid the situation and run away. Instead, McCall asserts that he grabs his gun to make sure he has a good grip in case he needs to shoot (McCall, 75, 1994). The next evidence that support McCall involvement in the street crime is innovation. Innovation is when McCall accepts the cultural goals, but rejects the legitimate mean to achieve financial status. The example that relates McCall to innovation is drug sales. One of the influences that have place the author McCall to sale drug is when he first witnesses a friend of his name Shell Shock who sale