The Importance of Originality in Fashion

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BY FIRUZÉ FRENCH The Importance of Originality in Fashion

By originality in fashion, I'm not talking about the originality of everyday people and their fashion style, what they wear and how they wear it. I'm talking about the difficulty top fashion designers face every 6 months when they make a great effort to create a contemporary and original collection for the fashion catwalk to please brutally honest fashion critics, of magazines and of the public. The struggle of designers to create collections that must be appeal to a wide range of evaluators, and what are considered to be the toughest judges in any industry, can sometimes be enough to put principal designers such as Viktor & Rolf on
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I truly believe that their collections are inspired and so in that way have a strong sense of originality in how they can recreate an inspiration into clothing. Even their latest collection uses the theme of futuristic fashion using PVC and metal body casts, (see right photograph) but even though they can be related to other collections, the body shape created is different from any other and so gives the perspective to critics of something innovative and ground-breaking.
What every designer wants is for their clothing to be recognised, but with so many designer's it's difficult to be established as an acclaimed fashion designer, mainly because of how tough the fashion industry can be. Having a recurring theme in you're designs isn't, I don't think, the best objective for all fashion designs. Although it means that you're ideas will be recognised and your designs will be acknowledged as yours, it can become tedious and boring, leaving no room for excitement for the next collection. So when designers are forced to create a new collection, they are faced with the decision of being dull and keeping to a theme from their original designs, or creating something new that it would be dissimilar from their previous collections. The danger of this is having a series of garments unfit for setting the latest trend, or even following the latest trend, and so the


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