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Read German stories (Rumpelstiltskin, Hans Huckebein, and more) in German, or in English.

The University of Chicago's Project for American and French Research on the Treasury of the French Language (whew...no wonder they use an acronym!) was created as a database of words from written French. It now contains over 150 million words ranging from the 17th to the 20th centuries. A great tool for French scholars and researchers, as well as lovers of language.

An extensive collection of public domain French literature, in French.

Put together by a Spanish teacher, this is an impressive group of foreign language links. There are French, German, and Spanish collections, including newspaper and magazine links in all three languages. There's also a chat section, and one for homework help.

Leading language school in Boston, MA, offers language <br />education including Spanish, French, German, Italian, <br />Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, and over 140 <br />languages.

This is "An Etymological Chinese-English Dictionary" which would be very useful to students of Chinese. The point and click translation method and excellent use of frames make the site a pleasure to visit, and the background information is interesting even if you're not studying Chinese.

ClicNet is a French website for culture and literature links, published entirely in French. If you are a French teacher, a printout of one of their links pages might make an excellent quiz for your students.

Looking for something different to do? Concordia offers a camp with cultural settings. This site is quite nice with a lot of info on their program.

At the English as a Second Language Cafe, you'll find helpful areas such as the Idea Page and Discussion Center. Other people on the net write in with their ideas and problems and get responses. It's a good place for teachers especially. Helpful for students is the quiz page where one can choose from multiple quizzes on a single topic (i.e. geography, grammar, history).

An online dictionary and text tranlation tool - <br />more than 50 languages translation at one click.<br />Wikipedia, Oxford & Britanica content included.<br />Free Trial.


Despite its annoying use of the dreaded <BLINK> tag, this site offers great stuff on the English Country School, a British Council-recognized English language summer school for teaching English as a second or foreign language.

In trying "to bring together the best information available on the languages of the world," the Ethnologue here presents an electronic catalog of 6700 languages spoken in 228 countries. Choose a country and learn the languages spoken there, the literacy rate, religions practiced, and other interesting and useful information.

Here at the Exchange (Electronic, Xross Cultural, Hypertextual Academy of Non-native Gatherings in English) site, read personal accounts or creative writings of cultures different from your own. This site even gives you the option of becoming an Exchange pen-pal. Requires a table-enabled browser.

"The Online Resource for French Beginners" is geared at about the middle school level and would probably be a helpful addition to French instruction. There's a Geography, People, and Food tour of France, a guided tour of the site, and a set of introductory lessons including "All Purpose Phrases," plus a game.

Firefly Learning produce software to help language teachers and learners. The International Assistant product allows users to easily insert foreign accents from 11 languages into electronic text. View and interactive tutorial or download a demonstration version from the website today. You will wonder how you ever coped without it!

This searchable index, from some of the ARTFL Project folks, contains about 75,000 terms and allows you to input French or English for translation.

This site provides German materials, links to other German sites, exercises in the German lasnguage, and advice on German language software. Some sections are in English.

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