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Latest reviews
Kinder Elementary School - Kinder - Submitted by: Eddie Wheatley Im a: Parent Date: 19/12/2014
Kinder elementary is a good school but one thing bothers me very much about this school. For the past four years I have gone to the Christmas play and for the past four years it is the same children. This is ridiculous, every child should get the chance to perform, not just a privileged few. As educators I would expect better of you. The favoritism shown in that school is terrible. There are more than just those privileged twelve children that attend that school. You as educators should be...
Soka University Of America - Aliso Viejo - Submitted by: Yuta Im a: Student Date: 11/12/2014
Soka has a lot of exciting and intelligent professors!!! One of my favorite professors, who teaches me philosophy, is a funny, awesome guy! His class has 11 students including me and focuses on class discussion. He requires us to read 100-pages for each class on average, which is so hard for me. Those books are difficult, so I can’t always do all of the reading assignment. But the books are profound and interesting! My professor always leads students to have fun through reading and talking....
Wilson Elementary School - Davenport - Submitted by: Julie papanikolaou Im a: Former Student Date: 04/12/2014
i had wonderful teachers at wilson school. Back in 1991. I am looking for my old teachers and old class mates. Julie papanikolaou
Latest Pictures submissions
The following pictures were taken by students or former students:
Submitted by: eleiona (Student) - Date of picture: 6/2014
Description: me in school eleiona johnson always find here people
Submitted by: kenneth butler (Former Student) - Date of picture: 6/1976
Description: i am looking for my graduation picture from 1976, I am a former student that live in Delaware. can you please send the picture to my email. my name is Kenneth butler
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