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Latest reviews
Garfield Elementary School - Phoenix - Submitted by: marira Im a: Former Student Date: 30/10/2014
Amazing school for children. Missing all 1992-1993 former classmates.
Soka University Of America - Aliso Viejo - Submitted by: Mariko Im a: Student Date: 23/10/2014
I am currently a senior student at SUA. SUA has given me so many opportunities to broaden my perspectives and explore various places of the world over the past few years. I went to China and had precious experiences there, which helped me deepen my understanding of Chinese culture and also think about my future career. I lived with a Chinese host family and had meals together. Not only was I able to study Chinese on site, but also I learned how to survive in China. Because I became to...
Bendix Building Adult Education - South Bend - Submitted by: Jacqlynn Im a: Student Date: 21/10/2014
I was in special education classes at Washington high school and I dropped out in tenth grade and I want to go back to school and get my Ged.I need help in math.
Latest Pictures submissions
The following pictures were taken by students or former students:
Submitted by: eleiona (Student) - Date of picture: 6/2014
Description: me in school eleiona johnson always find here people
Submitted by: kenneth butler (Former Student) - Date of picture: 6/1976
Description: i am looking for my graduation picture from 1976, I am a former student that live in Delaware. can you please send the picture to my email. my name is Kenneth butler
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