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Latest reviews
Meadow Lane Elementary - Goldsboro - Submitted by: JM Im a: Parent Date: 18/03/2014
Meadow Lane Elementary I have many issues with this school. But let me start off by saying the Multi-Age teachers are Great. ~~ Aside from that I don't have anything positive to say. Especially about her third grade teacher. The Multi-age program is only available from K-2nd grades. *difficult to get an in person conference with teacher *losing vital information for alerts *Her teacher has snarky comments toward my daughter (enough to make her cry and embarrass her) but when I email...
Charles L Loos Elementary School - Dayton - Submitted by: Art Im a: Former Student Date: 13/03/2014
Have the great respect for the principal Mr. Train.
Wirt County Primary Center - Elizabeth - Submitted by: kyler Im a: Teacher Date: 12/03/2014
Latest Pictures submissions
The following pictures were taken by students or former students:
Submitted by: christina (Student) - Date of picture: 9/1988
Description: of when i went too school
Submitted by: Bruce (Former Student) - Date of picture: 12/1962
Description: Pictured is the Dutemple School Boy's Choir -directed by Mr Paul Mancini - before he became director of the infamous Cranston High School East A Cappella Choir.
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