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Lassalette Elementary - La Puente - Submitted by: hypx Im a: Former Student Date: 27/07/2014
Wow if this school cared of my opinion the one I posted here weeks ago would have been posted in this site: it is my own dignity that I intend to hold onto despite my own disappointment which apparently is disregarded as uninportant for not being a positive review to your school. It is what it is.
Lassalette Elementary - La Puente - Submitted by: HypX Im a: Parent Date: 15/07/2014
It is what it is; an ok school. Yet it could have been directed by more competent leadership.
Mid America Christian University - Oklahoma City - Submitted by: D200 Im a: Student Date: 15/07/2014
I have been attending this school since 2010, while I think the academics are good at the school. They have horrible customer service when dealing with students in regards to financial aid. Furthermore they also did not ask students for permission or provide them with informed consent before enrolling students into a financial management program called SALT Money from which you will receive emails and calls about repayment of loans. Students are able to talk directly to the department of...
Latest Pictures submissions
The following pictures were taken by students or former students:
Submitted by: eleiona (Student) - Date of picture: 6/2014
Description: me in school eleiona johnson always find here people
Submitted by: kenneth butler (Former Student) - Date of picture: 6/1976
Description: i am looking for my graduation picture from 1976, I am a former student that live in Delaware. can you please send the picture to my email. my name is Kenneth butler
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