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We're continually reviewing new sites and adding resources, and appreciate your comments and suggestions.

This site features information on Columbus's historic voyage from the Library of Congress archives. Not much on graphics, but a lot of good information here.

Biographical information on individuals featured on A&E's Biography series. Lots of information simply presented makes this site a great online resource.

The Academy of Achievement brings you pictures and stories of "legendary achievers" of the 20th century in areas such as arts, public service, sports, and science. It’s a diverse and interesting group. There’s also a section where you can hear achievers tell how important qualities such as passion and vision have been to them. (Slow, but there is a low bandwidth version.)

Summarizing photography from its beginnings through 1920, this is a text presentation with information on the contributions of dozens of people and processes in early photography. It's an excellent resource, well organized for ease of use.

The complete notebooks of Alexander Graham Bell, containing notes on his experiments, are scanned in and ready for your reading pleasure.

This site provides information on Bell's research, with flowcharts of his progress and experiments, and a helpful narrative to assist in understanding the inventor and his path.

A part of the Duke University Special Collections Library, this site presents a 36-page diary kept by a school girl, Alice Williamson, in Gallatin Tennessee from February to September 1864. The diary focuses on the occupation of Gallatin by Union forces..

It´s about the American Civil War 1861-1865 and the slavery history and it´s greatly with information. It´s includes the history of the slaves in america, i have also civil war letters in the catagori (Family War Stories)

"One of the world's preeminent scientific and educational institutions," the American Museum of Natural History offers here exhibits and information on many aspects of natural history, as well as museum information, news, and current research.

This online version of an exhibition on permanent display in Washington D.C. is a history lover's delight. See, among many others, the contents of Lincoln's pockets on the night he was assassinated, Thomas Jefferson's handwritten draft of The Declaration of Independence, or a baseball card from the late 19th century.

This book, published online, covers a period of 207 years of U.S. History. It starts with the ratification of the Constitution and ends with the 1996 Presidential Campaign. It has some pictures and links to other sites which provide supporting/additional information. Very interesting!

This is a Think Quest site and a very informative one, but you do have to overlook a few minor problems in grammar and such. Learn about the building (and sometimes the culture) of a half dozen early civilizations including Egyptian, Greek, and Aztec. The style is straightforward and should be easy for middle and even elementary school students to comprehend.

This is a great resource for early American History. You can find images of actual historic documents, solve an interactive cross-word puzzle, read the Early American Review, and participate in a "Town Crier" online forum. Wonderful content and pictures!

A large archive of mostly historical photos from the California Museum of Photography's collection. They make you dig to get to the images, and many of them are fairly slow to load...still, it's worth a trip.

This is a great resource about women from Canada's past. You will find short biographies and references to other resources.

This lovely "on-line community for lovers of antiques & collectibles" offers vendor booths and an online bookstore to browse, a number of useful articles for the enthusiast, an appraisal service, and more.

Among the Holocaust resources you'll find here are poems and stories written by survivors, historical information, and a guide for teachers.

If you're looking for a biography about a woman important in history, here is the site for you! There are writers, educators, scientists, heads of state, politicians, civil rights crusaders, artists, entertainers, and others. Listed alphabetically or by field of activity.

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