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We're continually reviewing new sites and adding resources, and appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Through word and picture, this excellent site will help you learn about the Ecuadorian Amazon, its rainforest, and its people. Then you get to make decisions about running a community ecotourism project to make money so that you don't have to clear so much of the rainforest to live.

This is a guide to the highest points in America, listed by state. When you select a state you get a computer rendering of the highest point geographically, with latitude, longitude, city, and county information, and a number of links about the area. There is also a World's Roof for each of the continents.

This is a comprehensive look, in text and photo, at the lands and people of the Arctic Circle using three themes: natural resources, history and culture, and social equity and environmental justice. You'll find very interesting information on indigenous peoples and their situations in the face of natural resource exploration.

This site takes you in search of a "far off metal river" from which the Chipewyan have brought copper nuggets along the western shore of the Hudson Bay. The adventure is in the words of Samuel Hearne as he attempted to find this river in 1769-1772. This is an extremely well done site with information about the animals, birds, and natives thoughout the narratives.

This site offers a topographic and counties map for each state as well as links to Yahoo, City Net, and Virtual Tourist for that state.

This excellent site, attractive and well organized, offers comprehensive information on the geography, plants, animals, and people of the desert, especially the desert of the American Southwest. Published online monthly with back issues archived, DesertUSA has features, desert adventures (including park, climbing, and camping information), desert talk, a trading post, and more. Great stuff!

In addition to geography links and chat, this site offers an extensive collection of outline maps available for download. There is also a list of lesson plans organized by country/continent for elementary and middle school children, with lots of interesting activities.

This page contains a half dozen interactive geography games, plus the links used to build them so you can do further research on your own.

This site provides a good overview of GIS technology and its applications.

This is The Mining Company's Geography section. If you'd like someone who loves geography to precede you on the Net, picking out the best sites and describing them, you've hit the jackpot. Weekly geography features and their archives round out this very informative site.

Teachers and students of Geography will find hundreds of helpful Web sites listed here. There’s little or no annotation, but sites are categorized to make your searching easier.

Google Earth is a virtual Globe program. It maps the earth by superimposition of images obtained from satellite imagery, aerial photography and GIS over a 3D globe. This program is offered free to educators and schools through their Education Initiative. There is also a community page for educators to ask questions and acquire or offer lesson plans.<br /><br />

Links to dozens of great geography sites.

This is a travel network, but there is so much information, it's quite useful for educational purposes as well. First choose Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, or Latin America; then choose your country to get loads of information.

This is a great geography resource. You may choose from a dozen topics including world geography, government resources, and teaching helps. Link to environmental information or take a virtual tour of Bosnia, Hawaii, the Grand Canyon, others. Big fun.



David Smith can teach middle school children to do just that: to draw a map of the world with all the countries named entirely from memory! The site offers examples of these maps, along with information on the course of study and the education awards it has won, great geography quizzes you can download, and wonderful links.

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