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Numerous agriculture links related to farms, ranches, markets, associations, research, weather, plus the invitation to "skip the serious stuff and go straight to Mr. Potato Head." (We recommend it!)

AgNews offers everything from breaking news (with archives) to research and education to a Texas treasure hunt. The site includes two dozen categories of interesting information and links, with entries like nutrition, forestry, wildlife, and veterinary medicine in addition to ag economics and ag education. A great resource.

This U.S. Department of Agriculture agency has put together an attractive site explaining their function and including "news and information" and good links.

AgriWeb Canada offers agricultural links, information, and search capabilities in English and French.

With joint ventures in China, Hungary, Egypt, Italy, and other countries, Ag-Tec supports their claim to be "your link to agriculture around the world." Here they offer products, programs, and information on global projects.

Even if you are not a crop protection chemical producer, there's a lot here: biotechnical information, a very long list of ag links, and Benny Broccoli, whose hands-on educational materials you can get free if you're a teacher.

This Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences site offers pictures, descriptions, and biological control information for "Natural Enemies in North America," including insect, disease, and weed pests. Go to the Table of Contents in each section for links to the specific information on each "bug." A great source for growers, researchers, students, and teachers.

Oklahoma State University offers this resource where hundreds of livestock breeds are described in photo and word, organized by species and world region. There is also interesting material on the importance of livestock as opposed to plant contributions to human diet, and on the worth of older and endangered breeds.

Why study agribusiness and what careers are possible? Cal Poly offers good answers to these questions, as well as university information and agribusiness links.

The U.S. Census Bureau provides information here on commodity flows within the United States. Viewing, downloading, search available. Feedback encouraged.

Interested in natural control of insect pests and in current trends in biological control? This site contains abstracts and conference presentations on dozens of biological control issues from "Control of silverleaf whitefly on poinsettia by natural enemies" to "Is the public behind biological control?"

If you have a small farming or horse operation and are looking for quality products, check out this tidy and colorful little site. Offers links to other horse and tractor sites.

CWA works to improve the future of agriculture in California by spreading the word about the importance of "a vibrant agricultural economy and healthy rural communities." Topics such as legislation, land use, water resources, and farm women are here, as well as an AgKids activities section, and more.

Integrated Pest Management works to control pests with a limited use of insecticides worldwide. This is their information retrieval system and allows you to access quickly the many plant, insect, crop, and related information sources on the Internet.

This bi-monthly digest offers excellent in-depth reviews of environmental, agricultural, and natural resources sites, categorized and archived. There's also a dynamite section on what constitutes a good Web site.

Compiled and published by the University of Minnesota's Extension Service, this is a list of dozens of farm safety and health links divided into categories like children and injury control, pesticide and chemical hazards, and recent press releases concerning safety in agriculture.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of The United Nations offers global agricultural information, trends, and needs, and offers them in English, Spanish, French, and Arabic.

Go ahead. Tell me you eat enough vegetables. Then uncross your fingers and come here for some great recipes, a new one added every month.

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