Credentialing vs Educating

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The article “Credentialing vs. Educating” by Jane Jacobs showed the credentialing’s purpose in higher education and how the credentialing affected Americans’ perspective of their future’s life. Additionally, she gave explanation about the appearance of “credentialing [as] an indirect legacy of the Great Depression of the 1930’s” because people noticed that credentialing was the vital prerequisite from rising out of poverty. (pg. 167) People wanted to get a degree for a better job. Jacobs illustrated that education was truly significant and undoubtedly acted as an investment for the students’ prospect in 1920’s. During that time, everyone’s life was good. Children were educated and adults had jobs. Then, the author described the …show more content…

Not only that, some today’s teenagers take credentialing as their aim for achieving their future’s goal. It is beneficial as they struggle as hard as they can for getting good grades. They learned techniques and skills regarding their future’s purpose during their time in university, which will definitely act as an indemnification for their future’s job career. In my opinion, it is no doubt to say that the purpose of going to the college or university is to get a high income job. In fact, without credentials, one can lose chances easily as graduates are everywhere around the world. For instance, employers always consider and look for the one who has an advanced degree rather than interview the one who owns bachelor degree. Everyone seems to be realistic nowadays even though the goals of education are to help students to develop their intellect for prolific and creative thinking skills about general education. In truth, having a credential is a basic qualification that allows me to successfully contend with others in order to be employed. On the contrary, many corporations and companies need workers who possess not only credential but also innovativeness and ability in completing tasks. For this reason, knowledge which relates to the major that I will be taking in my following semesters is vital for showing my best enthusiasm in my future job. As everyone knows, the more efficient workers a company has the more profit the company may gain