Assignment 4: Case 4-1 “Sears Goes Zwinky for Tweens and Teens”

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Assignment 4: Case 4-1 “Sears Goes Zwinky for Tweens and Teens”

Sears Goes Zwinky for Tweens and Teens

Prof. Karen Mountain

Marketing 510 Consumer Behavior Feb 27 , 2013

Introduction Consumer behavior is an issue of concern amongst consumers and relevant authorities.

Sears is the company that is constantly changing its advertising techniques to gratify the

requirements of clients. The company targeted markets are teens, and the
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3.Explain which of the strategies relating to information search patterns, shown in Table 15-2, that Sears is enacting with its new campaign.

Sears has incorporated the use of technology and rewarding of employees as strategies of

increasing its sales, and preventing the company from falling out of the market during harsh

economic periods. Technology has significantly augmented the sales of the company’s product

because of the ease of creating new clothing designs. Secondly, the employees’ reward system

incorporated in the company motivates the employees to offer their skills and talents in the

production of the company’s product. The clients have also increased their purchasing

propensity because of the allure of free gifts provided for repeated sales of a product, and loyal

clients of a company (Steele, 2010).

4.Determine if Sears’ new online and social network efforts either are or are not effective in the context of attribute, attitude, or affect-based apparel decision making by teens and tweens.

The online and communal efforts displayed by Sears are effectual because of the changes in the

clients’ purchase trends. The use of social network has significantly altered teens’ and tweens’

attitude towards the company’s product. The alteration in attitude and attribute is because the

online and social scenes easily identifies with the targeted group. The information is