Travel Demand Forecasting for Gold Coast, Queensland

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Civil Design Project 2012
Travel Demand Forecasting Gold Coast, Queensland

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Traffic Analysis Zone
Chapter 3: Trip Generation
Chapter 4: Trip Distribution
Chapter 5: Traffic Assignment
Chapter 6: Conclusions

I. Introduction 1. Land use analysis introduction
In 2012, the current population of Gold Coast is approximately 540,000 with an increasing number of 13,000 to 16,000 per year and it is estimated that the population of Gold Coast will approach 800,000 by 2031 (Australia Bureau Statistics, 2012). In addition, the population projections released in 2011 indicated that the annual change of the population of the Gold Coast City Council is expected to be 1.6% by 2031 (Queensland
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* The name stems from the practice of placing the node at the geometrical center of gravity of the zone. * Assume all the trips will produce and arrive at the centroids. * For simplify the networks, all the travel demands are to and from centroid.
Centroid --- connectors --- road networks
In theory, the method of zoning adopted from following principle which are the land use is similar, the trip impacts to the particular roads are similar and the boundary of zones are normally bounded by street, lake and hill (Qu, 2012). In this project, the zoning method primarily based on the similarities of land use and also the impact on main roads mentioned above.
In this project, the zoning methods also depend on particular circumstance and special consideration. In some suburbs having large area such as Labrador although this suburb has the same land use.
Before zoning, students must undertake designing the modelling network which includes the main roads and minor road network; establishing the node presenting the intersection. Afterward, links are created presenting the roads system and each node is connected by links. For particular area such as residential area or suburb having complicate road network, the simplifying step should be undertaken in order to familiarize the model and easy to estimate the travel demand.


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