Executive Summary: CATSA

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Executive Summary
Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) maintains 3 critical issues. These issues are processing inefficiency, lack of communication between the departments, and insufficient planning. Mark Duncan has been given the task to fix these critical issues. Mark plans to use business intelligence (BI) system to help with these critical issues. Ideally a BI system should help analyze data by department, record important information, and help forecast traffic for future periods.
Although a BI system will definitely help them function more efficiently, they must also hire additional IT technicians that are more capable of maintaining the system. IT technicians will be able to repair or prevent any technical down time.
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They essentially created CATSA within 6 months. During the 6 months they were able to create a HR system and a finance system using $100 million. They trained over 3,000 staff members within a day approximately. As a result, their staff may not have been properly trained to deal with passengers and non-passengers efficiently or use the systems created perfectly. This causes Duncan to concern whether or not the staff was meeting and exceeding the Transport Canada regulations for screening.
Once the BI system is implemented, the program will be able to determine problematic areas staff members are having difficulty with. CATSA will use the analysis created by BI to create training seminars or workshops for staff members catered to these trouble areas. This would be a better alternative than re-training the staff completely on how to use the systems.
If CATSA were to re-train an employee than the estimated cost would be approximately 38 percent of the annual wage of each employee needed to be re-trained (www.entrepreneur.com). The cost entirely can rapidly consumer most of CATSA’s funding as well as countless hours spent working with the individual employee. Also, most employees at this time may not need to re-learn the entire system since the main functions of the system may have already become routine to them.
With training seminars and workshops, the average cost can be


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