Organizational Profile: the Salvation Army

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Organizational Profile: The Salvation Army ETH/316

ORGANIZATIONAL PROFILE: THE SALVATION ARMY The Salvation Army’s ethical and moral responsibility to the community stems back in history from its framework to the organization. “William Booth embarked on his ministerial profession in 1852, desiring to win the disoriented multitudes of England to Christ. He walked


the streets of London to advocate the gospel of Jesus Christ to the needy” (2011) Booth discarded the conservative notion of their churches and its platforms, which the churches based their beliefs on; instead he took his idea to the people. His commitment led to the dispute with church leaders in London,
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The organization’s sole driving mission is humanitarian aid in almost every part of the world. The Salvation Army is constantly providing social services on a massive scale. As an example, they provide housing, emergency shelters, healthcare for the sick, elderly and those in need. They provide health planning services, employment services as well as training for employment. All of this combined is just a small part of their overall efforts when providing immediate aid in and out of times of crisis and disaster relief such as Hurricane Katrina or tsunami disaster relief in Japan. This is just a small snapshot into the whole organization’s efforts currently ongoing. Another large social initiative the

ORGANIZATIONAL PROFILE: THE SALVATION ARMY Salvation Army has taken on is the fight against human trafficking through programs like the


Initiative Against Sexual Trafficking or (IAST) and the Children Community Intervention Project or (CCIP). These initiatives among others are global outreach programs, which barely scratch the surface when dissecting the Salvation Army’s entire scope on social outreach programs. Eventually the programs are broken down even further to local outreach initiatives with local community leaders, local law enforcement, emergency agencies, and community volunteers. It should also be noted, that with the emergence of social technologies, modern devices are creating connections for a variety of communities both local and


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