Aqualisa Quartz

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Aqualisa is a well-established manufacturer of showers in the UK. The company is recognized for quality products, innovation and great service. Despite great features and benefits of the recently developed digital shower Quartz, the initial sales results are very disappointing, and the management needs to redefine marketing strategy in order to improve performance. In particular, key decisions need to be made about target segment, value proposition and marketing mix.

1. What value does the Quartz shower offer to plumbers and consumers (its value proposition)? Quartz shower is a very unique product in the market place with multiple competitive advantages. It offers great value for both plumbers and customers, however it seems that the
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Why is the Quartz shower not selling? In order to understand better reasons for weak sales records, it is worth to perform situation analysis by using 5C Framework and SWOT tool. Company | Competitors | * Good reputation * Overall #3 in UK shower market * #2 in Electric Showers (17%) and Mixer Showers (21%), #3 in Power Showers (16.7%) * SWOT Analysis below | * Triton: #1 in Electric (44%), #2 in Power (17%) * Mira: #1 in Mixer (36%), #1 in Power (23%), #3 in Electric (14%) * Ideal Standard: #3 in Mixer (11%) * Masco: #1 in Power (23%), #4 in Mixer (9%) | Customers | * Premium – shopped in Showrooms, expected high performance and service, design/style * Standard – emphasized performance and service, relied on independent plumber for shower selection * Value – low price, convenience and installation, avoided solutions requiring excavation * DIY customers – low price, preferred electric showers, shopped at large retail outlets, install by themselves * Plumbers – purchase on behalf of customers, mostly from trade shops, not interested in new technology, do not present cost structure to


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