"Why Is the Initial Consultation so Important? What Factors Will an Ethical Therapist Cover at This Time"?

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“ Why is the Initial Consultation so important? What Factors will an ethical Therapist cover at this time?” Page 1

“Why is the initial consultation so important?” What factors will an ethical therapist cover at this time?. My aim is to fully answer both questions that are presented in the essay title. I plan to do this essay in two parts. Firstly looking at the initial consultation and then moving on and covering the ethical issues that a therapist would need to consider and cover at this time.

The initial consultation is an important tool and is used in the planning of a clients therapy. An initial consultation should be conducted with each client before they undergo any planned therapy. The reasons for this
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This is a good tool to use during an initial consultation as it helps us pave the way for successful therapy. If we can ensure we are using the right words and correct body language at the initial consultation, then we will begin to bypass the CCF right from the off set. The idea is that the client is not aware that you are using the technique, and not be aware that they are actually beginning to suspend their CCF, excepting the suggestions of their therapist.

Moving on now, we can begin to look at the ethical issues that may present themselves when we are working with clients. Right from the moment that we first meet a client, these issues need to be at considered, and at the front of our minds as we begin a clients therapy.

Firstly I would need to assure myself as a therapist that my client has made their own mind up to come to me for help, or that they have agreed to be referred by another professional for my services. This is particularly prevalent with adolescents and children who are under a degree of parental control. It is possible that a parent or guardian feels that treatment is appropriate for their dependant or that they have perhaps manipulated or coerced an individual into the idea. To some this may sound a little far fetched, but I believe that the majority of adults behaving in this manner would truly believe that they are behaving in the greatest interest of their child. They may even genuinely


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