Permissive Style Induction to Pmr

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I would like you to sit down or lie down and make yourself as comfortable as you can... you have a choice to loosen any tight clothes or take off your shoes….
If at any time you want to move to make yourself more comfortable... you can do that... you are in control....
Now once you feel settled you may close your eyes and simply enjoy….
This is your time to relax and experience your own sensations,
Feel calm in this moment. Nothing else matters. You are safe.
Concentrate on your breathing
Take a deep breath. Breathe in… and exhale.
As you concentrate on your breathing you may notice some sounds from outside,… let them disperse, …nothing can disturb you. …If you feel any areas of your body are carrying the tension of the
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…Perhaps you may hear some sounds, like the sound of the ocean…. This sound can make you even more and more deeply relaxed…; just enjoy this moment in this place….. Maybe you can feel a gentle breeze.... that just ruffles your hair... and a warm sun caressing your face... and your arms.... and as you lie there just relax……. It's feels so good to just totally relax... letting everything go.... remember these feelings... as you just relax and enjoy the peace and calm... and just think how good it is... to enjoy the relaxation... nothing to do... nothing to worry about...
Now for a moment I will leave you there, …just to give you this time to enjoy…. You may not hear my voice for little while.. But you are safe…..( Pause)……….
In a few moments I will start to bring you back to complete consciousness, you will be feel relaxed, aware and totally refreshed… I will just count from 1 to 5 and


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