Family and World War

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The novel Fireshadow by Anthony Eaton is set in the contexts of past and present. The past is set during World War II at a prison camp in the West Australian bush where you follow a German soldier who is imprisoned in the camp. The present day is set in the present Australian bush where it follows a boy who’s ran away from home. Fireshadow is constructed to focus on how the issues from the past differ to now. The main issues that differ in society from past and present are the racial conflict, being pregnant without a husband and family.
The way the author constructed racial conflict in the book was point of view because through point of view because you witness how people felt about being discriminated against, racial conflict was huge
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The son was always more important than the daughter because the son was the one who was going to do well whereas the daughter was just going to became a housewife. This example is used for Erich’s family because the way Erich treated his father was as if he was superman, Erich ignored his mother’s wishes, which was for Erich not to join the war, but he joined it anyway to make his father proud which shows how he considers his mother’s feelings compared to how he cares what his father thinks of him. Whereas in the present the parents were both equal and so were the daughters and sons. Examples of this is Vinnie’s family because to Vinnie neither parent was more important than the other and even though in the book the parents look to be more supportive of the daughter they both want the best for their children you can tell this because Vinnie’s dad is disappointed in what Vinnie wants to become because Vinnie’s dad thinks Vinnie could do much better with his life.
The novel Fireshadow was constructed to show how different society is from the past to the present. The past in the book was set during World War 2 and the society in World War 2 was more judging than they are in the present. The present in the book is set in the current West Australian bush and because the book goes back from present to the past it helps emphasize the difference between the societies. The differences shown


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