What Fundamentals Affect the Yield of Bonds in the Singapore Market

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What fundamentals affect the yield of bonds (Singapore market)

By: G8 Lee Kang Wee Olivia Tan Daryle-­‐alexis Tan Ho Guoming

FIIM FNCE 102 Professor Huang Sheng


As an international financial centre with about 11% of GDP from financial services, we felt it would be interesting to find out more about
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The 2 issuances of India bonds were only actively traded from 2010-­‐2011, while there was no active trading for the bonds from Malaysia and Thailand companies. Bond Yield Breakdown by Currency (Refer to Appendix B) Until year 2000 where SGD-­‐denominated bonds entered the market, bonds denominated in USD largely dominated the Singapore bonds market. SGD-­‐denominated bonds are the current majority, with 524 issuances and USD-­‐denominated bonds being the 2nd largest, with 129 issuances. USD-­‐denominated bond yield show the greatest fluctuation, possibly due to the huge impact of the USA economy on the world. Any happenings in the USA market are quickly reflected in the bond yields of USD bonds, such as the Financial Crisis in 2007 and 2008. The USD-­‐denominated bond also accounts for majority of the fluctuations in the overall average


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