Unit 19 M1 - Team Roles and Strategic Planning

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M1- Team Roles and strategic planning

In this report I am going to be discussing the different team roles and how they are effective within a business. I will also be looking at what roles I took on during the KS5 Preparations Evening, how roles complement each other and what roles are essential for a high achieving team. I will also be looking into strategic planning, the strategic plans of *Blank* and how our team helped to meet these.

Introduction and comparison of different team roles
The roles of a team are based on the research into behavioural strengths and weaknesses conducted by Belbin. This theory suggests the roles needed in order to create the perfect high achieving team. Within each role there are some overlap of
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I believe that during this task I also showed aspects of my Completer/Finisher role, I was able to go through and spot elements of other people’s work that was wrong and needed changing and ensure this was done. During the evening I believe I showed aspects of both of these roles as I was always where I was needed and expected to be, I presented on behalf of the business department with confidence and I was organised and disciplined when practising for the presentations.

However, along side these roles I also believe I had elements of other roles; I believe one example of this would be the Team Worker roles. Throughout the planning and presentation of the KS5 Preparation Evening I was able to work well within my team, mixing with a lot of people and getting work done. I was also very considerate to where people may struggle and was able to help them with their problems.

The most effective team roles
When looking at each role they fit into key categories; thinking roles, actions roles and people orientated roles. Ideally you will want at least one role from each section to cover all elements you may have a problem with. I have looked at each of the roles and found four roles which I think are most important in a team; with at least one role being from each section.

I believe that within a team you will need someone to


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