Test: History of Michigan

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1.In 1820, the first steamboat sailed on the Great Lakes, as well as on the Detroit River. What was this vessel called?
A) DeWitt Clinton
B) Griffon
C) Walk-in-the-Water
D) Maid of the Mist
2.Begun in 1817 and completed in 1825, this 350-mile-long transportation route was the engineering marvel of its day. It enabled Michigan farmers to ship their products to Eastern cities and brought thousands of new settlers into the Michigan Territory. What was it called?
A) The National Road
B) Erie Canal
C) Chicago Military Road
D) Sault Ste. Marie Canal
3.In 1837, the Michigan State Legislature passed a Public Improvement Act, which authorized the governor to sell $5 million in bonds to fund the construction of what?
A) two trans-peninsular canals
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Marie Canal so that ships carrying ore from Lake Superior could sail into Lake Huron?
A) Indian attacks -- Harvey's work crews were attacked by small but fierce bands of local Indians on at least five different occasions
B) elevation -- Lake Huron was 22 feet lower than Lake Superior
C) striking workers -- Harvey's workers, most of whom were immigrants who were overworked, underpaid and far from home, stopped working for three months until the were promised a raise in pay and better working conditions
D) high water -- two years of record snowfalls plus months of continual rainfall caused a situation where lake levels were so high that it was nearly impossible for Harvey's men to dig the channels for the proposed canal
18.Please match each term with the correct definition.
Michigan politician who introduced the concept of "popular sovereignty" in 1848 during his unsuccessful bid to be elected President of the United States. B. Lewis Cass an escaped slave in Detroit who was captured by slave catchers and about to be returned to Kentucky when a mob of whites and blacks attacked his captors, freed him, and then took him to Canada. E. Thornton Blackburn a Mormon who left Utah in 1848 moved with a group of followers to Beaver Island in Lake Michigan and established a colony. He later proclaimed himself to be the island's king. A. Jesse


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