Walmart vs Target

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Wal-Mart and Target are both great retail stores to go and find a good bang for your buck shopping experience. After researching both companies, it appears they have the same ideas as a mission, saving the customer money. Wal-Mart Mission statement reads;
“ If we work together “ we’ll lower cost of living for everyone.. We’ll give the world and opportunity to see what it’s like to save and have a better life.” (
Target’s Mission Statement;
“To make Target the preferred shopping destination for our guest by delivering outstanding value , continuous
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Target has a strong interest in the communities they serve, they go beyond community involvement. All these actions are essential to success of a business to not just being in a community but also being a part of it.
S.W.O.T Analysis
Target is a very well know and successful retail corporation. The company has done very well at making themselves nationally known and popular for its great selection of good, quality and prices in the retail market. After doing, a SWOT analysis I have discovered what I consider as the strengths, weaknesses, external opportunities and threats for Target Corporation.
The strengths Target has would be product/brand selection and sponsorship. Target has everything from clothes, shoes, CD’s, DVDs, electronics, kitchen supplies, bedding , sporting good, automotive supplies, pet supplies, toys and just added groceries. They have made themselves a one stop shopping experience with a wide variety of brands to choose. Target has made it presence known not only by expanding its retail chain with the number of stores but also by sponsorships. Target has linked up with many Educational and other programs to make the company highly publicized as giving back to the community. According to, Target has secured its spot in the Top 50 of Fortune 500 Companies with all its great efforts.

With strengths, there are weaknesses. One of them is which Target has begun to focus on


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