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Marketing MKT/421

Introduction Marketing is a very unique process that enables limitless methods or variations for an entity to appeal to a particular target market as well as to deter from a particular market. Marketing is used in more than just business; The kinds of clothes an individual wears and the attitude a person portrays can be used to market him or herself to the public for many reasons: Maybe to attract a woman a man is attracted to, possibly to impress the president of a company a person is interviewing for, and even to just create a base of his or her character in which other people will judge him or her by. Marketing is everywhere from the business side of the spectrum to relationships people have
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Another example of a company meeting human and social needs is Ebay which was founded by Pierre Omdyar in 1995. Ebay has solidified its business model by meeting the needs of consumers worldwide and successfully passing the dot com bubble. They recognized that people had difficulties finding items they desired the most and met that market’s needs by creating an online auction clearinghouse enabling its customers to source desired products internationally (Kotler, P. 2012). With the creative idea of utilizing the newly discovered powers of the internet, customers were able to source items from inexpensive electronics from China to a kidney from a seller in the United States. Additionally, Ebay has opened up avenues for many industries by allowing other businesses to not only sell to customers locally, but to customers around the world as well.
Marketing is an ambiguous term that is suited to achieve similar goals. Great ideas can be created, but without strong marketing strategies and without fulfilling a market’s needs, that same idea can give off a different idea and remain inactive or non- productive. Marketing plays a large role in success for many entities whether it is a business or for establishing a role at a job.

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