Various Methods of Resolving Industrial Disputes

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Dispute Resolution Methods
Alberta’s Labour Relations Code and Police Officers Collective Bargaining Act provide methods for resolving disputes including:

Voluntary Arbitration Board
Compulsory Arbitration Board
Interest Arbitration Board
Disputes Inquiry Board
Public Emergency Tribunal
Construction Industry Disputes Resolution Tribunal

Collective bargaining is the process through which employers and employees establish the terms and conditions of employment in unionized workplaces. The vast majority of collective agreements in Alberta are reached through negotiations without outside assistance (over 80 per cent) or through negotiations using a provincially-appointed mediator. Fewer than two per cent of collective
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The parties involved are responsible for all associated costs.

Disputes Inquiry Board

A Disputes Inquiry Board (DIB) can be established by the Minister when parties need neutral third-party assistance to resolve a dispute. By appointing a DIB, both parties have the opportunity to explore all avenues open to them to clarify the issues and find an agreeable solution without resorting to a strike or lockout. The parties may request a DIB but in most cases it is the Minister who initiates the action.

If a DIB is established before a strike or lockout begins, neither the union nor the employer can take these actions until the Board process is complete. A DIB does not affect the ability of a party to take strike or lockout action after the process is completed. If a strike or lockout has already begun, establishing a DIB does not stop these actions.

How the process works

The Minister has the discretion, under the Labour Relations Code, to establish a DIB for parties that have the right to strike or lockout by issuing a Ministerial Order. Both parties to the dispute are notified that a DIB has been established. The Minister appoints a member or members and designates a chair if there is more than one member. If the DIB is unable to help the parties reach a settlement within 20 days of being established – or a longer time fixed by the Minister or agreed to by the


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