Using the Case Study Provided at the End of the Module Identify and Explain the Client’s Issues and Devise a Course of Treatment for Him, Taking Into Account Any Ethical Issues

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Using the case study provided at the end of the module identify and explain the client’s issues and devise a course of treatment for him, taking into account any ethical issues.

Mr X is a 45 year old estate agent who has been with the same company for eighteen years and has a number of issues. He has reservations about applying for the manager’s job despite a deep rooted knowledge that he can do the job, he has social issues with his colleagues and it appears other areas of his life too. Despite his age he still seems to be under the spell of his mother and appears to pay to much attention to her beliefs rather than his own. His personal life is
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Mr X as previously stated was assessed as visual in modality so was taken into trance using a visual PMR. Once the induction had taken place and Mr X was in a trance I used a deepener. A deepener is something that is used after the initial induction to deepen the trance. “There is not really any current empirical proof that using a deepener increases the likelihood of new suggestions being accepted by the subconscious, but the premise of using a deepener is to do precisely that, with the view that a deeper state increases suggestibility and enables us to use more imaginative imagery.” (Chrysalis Course Notes: Module 4). The deepener is applied to the script in a metaphorical way and always adapted to suit the client in order to maximise the benefits and possibility of success. What I aimed to do with Mr X was essentially bypass his CCF. The implementation of positive suggestions was internded to get beneath and rebuild Mr X’s CCF – conscious critical faculty. The CCF constantly monitors all input from our senses and tends to reject those that do not agree with an idea or concept that has been previously experienced or accepted. Hypnosis will help to change Mr X’s belief system because in bypassing and rebuilding the CCF, new, positive and empowering suggestions can be accepted and integrated into his belief system. For Mr X I decided to use the basic deepener of the staircase. I decided that Mr X would not


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